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The Coffeepot Story

We are a small (but growing) family run stud of Section A’s set in 20 acres or so around Trimdon in County Durham. Our ponies have been carefully chosen from the best studs in the world and we have not scrimped in our pursuit of top class breeding stock. We are concentrating our efforts on building up our own lines of ponies and hope to establish Coffeepot as a “go to” for all that is good in Welsh Mountain Ponies.

We are breeding to the standard laid down by the WPCS. For us conformation is always going to be key, but we also expect all our ponies to be well mannered; they’re “kids ponies” after all. Our ethos is that they are allowed to be ponies and to grow up naturally. However they will be socialised and well handled, prepared to do a job whenever they leave us. Because of our location and the footpaths running through the land all of our ponies are used to kids, dogs and traffic. Our ponies aren’t pampered and although our fields are beautiful in the summer we are in a windy exposed site on the heaviest Durham clay so Coffeepot ponies need to be hardy.

But Why Coffeepot ; I think you will agree it is an unusual name. When we were digging around trying to think of a stud name back in 2007 we discussed and did the searches looking at variations on where we are and combinations of our initials, kids names, pony names – the usual. To be frank nothing quite seemed to fit and we were at an impass for quite some time. Then I found an old picture which jogged a long buried memory and the penny dropped immediately. Our stables are situated at the bottom of a little valley, over the stream and up into the old colliery village there used to be a street of houses, long since demolished. That street ran parallel to the road and was simply known as “Coffeepot”. There are suggestions that it was named after a strangely shaped pit locomotive, or even after a coffeeshop at the top of the street. But either way our stables are only about 100 yards from the bottom of “Coffeepot” and it fit immediately. There are family connections too – but that’s another story so I wont bore you all with it here.

So there you have it Coffeepot Ponies. Impeccably bred to be capable of doing a job but to look good too ! Visitors are always welcome. Pop in if you’re around but please call in advance as the stables aren’t at the house. Were never happier than when we are at the stables – so if we aren’t there already we don’t need much of an excuse to go back. Oh and please feel free to give us your feedback and pop back from time to time. We will be updating the site regularly.

Gary & Jonathan Atkinson (with a lot of help from Gary’s wife Sarah and the kids)

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